Sunday, January 27, 2013

Starting over

I have started a new blog.........when I first did it, I was not allowed to add pics from my computer - and that's where they are stored.  I do not have smart phone or web cam or picassa and will not have those.    Today it let me upload pics from my computer!!!!    Lime Green Linda

Hope you can find it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2012


With heavy heart I must say this is the last post for this blog.    Blogger will not allow any more pics unless I pay per month - and I can not afford that.  

I took some really nice pictures on our Thanksgiving weekend with Ashley and the kids.   We had a good visit and hope that they can come the weekend after Christmas.   They have to spend some time with their dad, so Christmas will be very different for us.   The first time without our daughter...........and the wonderful grands.

I have a couple options - I can start a new blog or go back and delete some pictures that were in early posts.    I have not decided what to do yet.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Circles A Round the Garden

This is my latest hand piecing project.    The circles are all little scraps from my scrap basket.   The florals in the blocks are from my closet.   I really enjoyed piecing this.

I purchased the floral in the border last weekend at The Pig Patch shop up north.  

It is now basted and ready for quilting.   Just don't know what color thread to use!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilting at the Lake VIII

This past weekend was Quilting at the Lake - for the eighth time!!!    I drove to Grand Rapids and joined up with Deb and Lori.   We had to do some shopping on the way - in Newaygo, Baldwin and at The Pig Patch.
Deb hard at work cutting greens.
Lori did lots of trimming.
Cindy and Lisa sewing up a storm!!!
I brought my latest hand piecing project.   It's LOTS of little pieces - all scraps.    Picture later on here.
Lisa finished this piece - started a few years ago and now done!!!
Deb basted this for a family member.
My very busy scrap quilt top.   I did find some border fabric for it at The Pig Patch.
We always get a group shot before we leave  - great friends!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wicked Halloween

This morning was the Wicked Halloween Run (10K) in Plymouth Michigan.    Almost 2,000 people were there for 3 races.   They all started downtown and wound around some nice living areas in Plymouth.   LOTS of costumes!!!!!!
I hooked up with this group from Playmakers - The Williamston Women Warroirs - shirts, tu-tu's and bandanas.    It was a fun race.  

P.S. - I came in third in my age group.   We didn't stick around for matter...
We have had some good winds this past week and many of the leaves are off the BIG oak tree.   They blew over the house and onto the front walk and deck.   It was at least 6 inches deep!!!
Happy Fall!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Costume Delivery

We drove to Ohio on Friday afternoon.    The drive was beautiful - fall color in abundance!!!
  Andrew greeted us with his new teeth!!!!

Saturday morning, Ashley and I went to Lebanon for Alexanders' Cross Country meet.    It was a conference meet - LOTS of teams there.   Alexander has done well this year - just over a 20 minute time for the course.

After helping Ashley and kids go thru their dressers, it was time to try on costumes.    Andrew is a ninja.....similiar to last year..
Allison is a leopard.   I found slippers and a set of scarf, gloves and headband - to which I added the ears - to go with the leopard suit that I sewed.
Alexander wanted me to make a long black cloak and some arm and leg guards.    He added the leather gloves and will add black sweats inside the cloak - a very serious Sith warrior.
Grandpa and grandson - sooo serious!!!!!!
Sunday morning everyone got up and ready for church - and the final family portrait.

We headed home.    The colors in Ohio are not as vibrant as Michigan - mostly yellow golds in the leaves.    Lansing has been blessed with the greatest red, orange and fire colored leaves on the trees.    We go thru Bellefountaine - they are working on the county seat building - first constructed in 1842.

This evening I'm headed to Playmakers for the Race Series Reception.   I placed third in my age group for the overall series - I had no idea I'd done that well in their series races this year.   It may never happen again, so I'd better go and get honored!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too Busy??????

My latest hand piecing project.  

Very scrappy.

Too busy?????????